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Catching the Cancer Diagnosis

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Some experts and the FDA say that a test that finds ovarian cancer early is "premature and it has not been proved to work."

Since the test may have a few percent of false-positives, the nay-sayers bleat about the "danger" of surgery that is actually not beneficial or necessary. The current 5Y survival rate for women diagnosed with ovarian cancer is about 45%. Cases diagnosed early have a 5YS of about 90%. This test is alleged to have specificity of over 90%, so there should be fewer than 10% of women who get "unnecessary surgery," especially if use of the test is limited to high-risk women. (The only people who hate "unnecessary surgery" are those who have to pay.) But the death rate from an exploratory laparotomy is nil, compared with the over 50% death rate from late diagnosed ovarian CA. Just WHAT are these guys thinking, in trying to suppress the use of this test? Whose interests are they serving?