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Bitter Reform Pill to Swallow

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A doctor writes about five critical and central health care reforms

Dr. Marc Siegel writes: "Based on my experience, I believe there are at least five central reforms that President Obama has yet to consider - and will likely not grapple with in tonight's speech to Congress - because of a narrow world-view and pressures from special interests.

  1. Extend high-deductible insurance to the uninsured;
  2. Demand real tort reform;
  3. Extend liability to the government as well private insurers;
  4. Increase rather than decrease reimbursements to doctors and hospitals;
  5. Subsidize primary care education.

5 pills for Obama to swallow: A medical doctor gives his Rx for health care reform." - By Dr. Marc Siegel New York Daily News September 9, 2009

Dr. Siegel is an Associate Professor of Medicine and the Medical Director of Doctor Radio at NYU Langone Medical Center.  He and his wife have very active and sizable patient care loads.