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Our inequitable, inefficient, oftentimes uncaring health care "system," revealed. -- Jeffrey G. Kaplan, M.D., M.S.

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Newsworthy Medical Articles

Cost--the Elephant in the Room

The U.S. Medicare's financial health is in dour straits. Worse, it can no longer keep up with the demand spiral, especially as the population ages and pension benefits skimp on health care coverage. "Some would replace it with vouchers that seniors could use to purchase private coverage. Others suggest upending the current payment system by inverting volume-based incentives, offering instead profits to organizations that limit utilization."  Experience has amply proven that these suggestions are Draconian, but not remedial.

The Feminine in I.T., Underrepresented?

Where are women on the health care information highway where four critical crossroads must intersect: information technology (I.T.) including health care informatics, total quality management to the objective of better patient outcomes, restoring equity in access and always enhancing value (the cost vs. quality debate)? 

Attention Deficit, Sans Medicine

Is drug therapy an or the answer in ADD/ADHD? Some would say to medicate is a remedy for kids or adults whose minds wander.  I’d say it is also part of the problem. Medications cannot treat everything and worse, it does not replace making the learning material relevant or the teaching method effective.  Often, it's quite the opposite in fact--'Give him medicine and then we can on with the boring subject matter.' 

Manage Care or Lose Marketshare!

Much of what I read in health care blogs these days are well-intentioned people advocating for weak structural changes that, in the long run do very little to restrain the ever rising cost of care both here and, increasingly, in other countries.  Unfortunately, there's no paradigm-shift, no epiphany and no panacea here; it's more like a shell game—'take more out of your pocket and you'll think twice about that test, that procedure, that ER visit.' We read about the following reform strategies:

It's your life, so take care

This message is about human interaction; it is vitally important to both women and men... The following has been going around the net and it was directed to my attention a number of times, recently.  Unfortunately, I am unable to identify/confirm its source, but it is essential advice.

Obesity; Soon More Manageable, But Not By Pills Like Thyroid Conditions

"We are not an overweight-obese nation just because we drink sugary beverages. We are obese and overweight from self-medicating with sugar, starch, alcohol, tobacco and other forms of serotonin increasing, anxiety decreasing substances because we live in a psychological culture that deprives us of essential social nutrients such as respect, dignity, being listened to and valued as human beings." ref.: Donadio G.[the author of "Changing Behavior" and "Banning Supersize Sodas Isn’t the Answer"]

Breast Cancer--Early Detection Matters

  Do you believe the authors of an European study who are asserting: "while screening may reduce cervical and colorectal cancer mortality, it's not so for breast cancer"? [British Medical Journal [BMJ] July 28, 2011] Neither do I.  

Allergy reactions - Danger!

What is a Severe Allergic Reaction or Anaphylactic Shock? Is there any trouble breathing, dizziness, tongue swelling, mental confusion, generalized hives?