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Our inequitable, inefficient, oftentimes uncaring health care "system," revealed. -- Jeffrey G. Kaplan, M.D., M.S.

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Dec 11, 2011

Does A Good Doctor Treat A Patient's Economic Aches and Pains?

Doctors are relatively uninformed about health care systems, outcomes research or health care economics, specifically the costs of care and cost-benefit.  Is that a critical knowledge gap? Read more Tags: clinical decision making, outcomes, research, medical economics, health care systems, managed care, practice management, cost-effective, outcome, benefit, value, cost-benefit, equity in access Read more articles about: medical training/education
Dec 11, 2011

What are we, some 3rd world country?

Why could the British eliminate the threat of Salmonella in eggs, but WE, the most advanced (ha) country in the world, could not? Read more Tags: corporate profit, public health, vaccine, prevention Read more articles about: Research
Dec 9, 2011

Like global warming; act or take the heat

Stephen Shortell in the September 16th issue of JAMA states: "If health care reform is to succeed this year, compromise isgreatly needed to reach agreement on how to cover the increasedcost of expanding health insurance for all US citizens." Read more Tags: reform efforts, cover the increased cost, expanding health insurance, failure to act now, health care delivery system Read more articles about: Resources